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Pat Dryburgh

Every once in a while my friend Boris Mann introduces me to a new app. This is my first post from Indigenous - Social Timeline. Not the most sensitive app name I’ve ever heard, and the font size in the New Post screen is super tiny. Don’t think this app is long for my homescreen.

Look at all those nutrients going back into the ecosystem! Didn’t catch a single coho salmon in the last two weekends spent along the Harrison and Chilliwack Rivers. As someone who’s never fished for salmon and never on the shore of a river, I’ve learned a lot about the techniques, implements, and culture around fishing this incredible creature.

Deer Lake this evening.

Live stand up comedy happens every month in the coffee shop I live above.

Making gluten free chapati with cassava and chestnut flour.

Making banana pancakes.

A rainy Election Day. Thank you to everyone and anyone who has volunteered and made personal sacrifices to ensure our freedom to express our democratic voice. #canadianelection #canadavotes #voteforpedro

Live from @wwenxt.

#tbt to the time @eplatero and I drove across Canada from Vancouver to London.

Today’s view from Mount Seymour.

Today’s view from Mount Fromme.

Vancouver under the moon.

Speaking of Relay FM, they’ve just released a video from their 5th anniversary celebration in San Francisco in which hosts from the podcast network play a game of Relay FM Family Fued. The video also contains a fun trivia game between co-founders Stephen Hackett and Myke Hurley. I wish I could have attended, but this is absolutely the next best thing.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month →

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and as with years past, Stephen Hackett and his team at Relay FM are raising money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. St. Jude provides care to children suffering from cancer at no cost to the families, including Stephen’s son who is now a 10-year-old brain cancer survivor. Through the support of of individual contributors, St. Jude has been able to push the overall cancer survivor rate of children from 20% to over 80%.

Last year, Stephen and his friends were able to raise $69,000 for the kids of St. Jude. This year, the goal is to reach $75,000 in donations during the month of September. To push them over the edge, Stephen and his Relay FM co-founder, Myke Hurley, will be hosting a 6-hour video podast on Friday, September 20 (more details to follow).

Join me and all the great Relay FM listeners in supporting St. Jude and the incredible work they do for children fighting cancer.

Also received my awesome new pins from @superteamdeluxe today! These bad boys will be making their way to my messenger bag pronto.

Stoked to receive my pair of Make Happy shoes from @awonderfulshop! These shoes are made by @bucketfeet and are super comfortable.

#firstday of week 6 since I last worked for money 😊

Spent the weekend at Sloquet Hot Springs. This is a picture of Sloquet Creek.

A little treat at Richmond Night Market.