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Pat Dryburgh

Are you heading to WWDC next week? Maybe you’re not attending the conference, but you’ll be in San Francisco? Are you a fan of John Siracusa’s epic reviews of each OS X release? Are you a geek who could benefit from a bit of finger exercising?

Well then, have I got a role for you!

Next week, I’m heading down to WWDC. My primary concern is to connect with iOS developers in the hopes we can hire one or two. My secondary concern is to film the sequel to last year’s “Preparing for John Siracusa’s Review of OS X Lion.”

Last year’s video was totally spur-of-the-moment, unplanned, and unpolished. This year, I’m going big.

And I need your help.

I’m looking for as many geeks as possible to dress up in gym shorts and a t-shirt, a head band and/or arm band, and meet me in Yerba Buena Gardens (just a block away from Moscone) at 12:45pm on Wednesday, June 13 (during WWDC’s lunch break).

Those who participate will have lunch provided for them, and will be credited in the video.

To get involved, shoot me an email at with the subject “I <3 Siracusa,” and I’ll forward you more details.

See you next week!

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