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Pat Dryburgh

Hi, my name is Pat Dryburgh

I’ve been building on the web for over 20 years. In 1999, I built and hosted my first website,, using a simple drag-and-drop website builder called Cool Page.1

By the time I got to college in 2004, time out of class was spent either travelling around the province of Ontario playing music or sitting in my dorm room teaching myself Photoshop, ImageReady, Microsoft FrontPage, and SWiSH Max. That year, I used these tools to build the first version of,2 launched as the homepage for The Pat Dryburgh Band.

In the time since, I’ve worked with some great teams and clients including Blanc Media, Ensibuuko, Platero Visual, Arc’teryx, Stantec, Carly Thomas, Tim Latham, Fusion Ads, Corona Light, Pepsi Max, Ongo, Agent Inbox, Perch, Finstripe, Brewhouse, Steamclock, Grooveshark, CocoaTech, QuickCal, Fraser Speirs, Lake Steilacoom Improvement Club, Viral Foundry, UpThemes, Adobe, Thorel Woodworking, Patrick Rhone, Ethical Coffee Chain, Rye 51, and Make IT.

My work has been featured in Beautiful Pixels, TechCrunch, Gigaom, VentureBeat, and the iOS App Store.

You can email me at


This site is designed and developed in Sublime Text, tested in various web browsers, statically generated by Jekyll, and hosted on Github Pages. The typography is set in Freight Sans and is served by Adobe Fonts.

Blog posts & photos are published from an iPhone Xs using Drafts, Working Copy, and Shortcuts.

The illustration of me is by Courtney Make.

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If you are interested in more details, please read FeedPress’s Privacy Policy and feel free to contact me at if you have any further questions or require support.

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Project Scheduling, Time Tracking, and Invoicing

I use Cushion to plan projects, track my time, and invoice my clients. It’s the best tool I’ve found for managing my freelance business. I’m also using Cushion to display my availability throughout this site. Like right now,

If you’re a designer or developer who would like an easy way to track not only your time but also your finances, sign up for Cushion today and get your first month free on me.

  1. I’ve tried to find some form of proof of this claim, but neither the Wayback Machine nor any WhoIs directory I’ve found has a record of this. I’m assuming this is because Cool Page offered the domain name to me for free in exchange for allowing them to put ads on my nascent pro-produce website. 

  2. Sorry, not much to see there. The first half-decent capture of in The Wayback Machine is from 2010. After the demise of The Pat Dryburgh Band, I let the domain name go and a domain squatter was quick to pick it up and held on to it for a few years. I started a new blog in 2007 to document my time as a young music director which was hosted at