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Pat Dryburgh

I helped Blanc Media successfully launch The Focus Course, a 40-day course for finding focus in life

I helped Blanc Media successfully launch **The Focus Course**, a 40-day course for finding focus in life

It was a privilege to work with Pat on the design of The Focus Course. He approached the project prepared with a process for discovering what I wanted to accomplish with the website’s content as well as the aims I had for the business. Much of the early and continued success of the Focus Course I attribute to the professional design system that Pat created.

Shawn Blanc Writer & Proprietor of The Focus Course

One of the best feelings in the world is when a client comes to you for repeat business. It not only validates the work you did on the first project, but also the time and effort that went into building a strong, trusting relationship.

Following on the success of the Tools & Toys redesign, Shawn Blanc reached out to discuss a new project he’d been working on. Shawn wanted to offer a premium online course with a singular purpose: helping people find focus in their work and personal lives.

Shawn wanted to differentiate his course from other self-help and productivity programs by using excellent design and user interface — he wanted the brand to be aspirational and the website to be delightful to use. We accomplished this by being subtle and thoughtful in the use of fonts, colours, and imagery.


The course itself needed to be available on as many platforms as possible. I designed and developed a custom responsive WordPress theme to give users the ability to access the course on whatever device was available to them.

The course drips with authenticity, attention to detail, and beautiful design. I didn’t know an online course could look so good.

Jordan Shirkman Student

Armed with wonderfully crafted content written by Shawn along with testimonials from people who had participated in a pilot of the course, I designed a beautiful and engaging landing page that communicated the value of the course to potential students. Over time, Shawn has been able to adapt this design for several other courses including The Elements of Focus, Simplicity in Computing, Awareness Building Class, Time Management, and his most recent Plan Your Year workbook.

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