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Pat Dryburgh

As a career-long technologist, multiple-time founder and investor in technology companies I've had the chance to work with many technology developers. I place Pat Dryburgh in the highest class of professionals. As a designer he combines strong technical capability with a keen aesthetic eye, and even more importantly with an insightful understanding of how the users interact with the products he touches. I look forward to the possibility of working with Pat again at the first opportunity.

Bernd Petak Co-founder of Finstripe

Working with founders is always an exciting experience. You get to work with interesting people who are experts in their field and are also passionate about building something new.

I was working with Viral Foundry on Promo when Martin Pasek and Bernd Petak came to us to build the MVP of their modern financing platform, Finstripe. Working with product manager Kenny Grant and back-end developer Roy Bao, I designed and developed a responsive front-end that allowed users to publish, find, and agree to financing deals from anywhere in the world.

Finstripe Deals View Finstripe Deal Views

Professional profiles gave users confidence that they were dealing with experienced financiers and borrowers while the system’s invite-only onboarding strategy ensured the quality of the deals available on Finstripe.

Finstripe Advisor Profile Finstripe Borrower View

By designing the interface in code, we were able to quickly iterate through multiple design directions and apply those changes across the system instantaneously. This also allowed us to ensure that mobile contexts were considered from the very beginning.

Finstripe Mobile

We were able to design, build, and launch the MVP in just 6 weeks. Nearly $1B in loans was posted to the platform in its first year.

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