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Pat Dryburgh

In 2013, entrepreneurs Tyler Gordon and Elliot Koolik set out to build Agent Inbox, an all-in-one unified communications platform for real estate agents and their clients. Shortly after teaming up with John Ashenden at H1 Studios, the team reached out and invited me to help with the project.

Tyler and Elliot had a vision for improving communications around real estate transactions through a customer-focused, mobile-first designed application. Tyler, John, and I started by working together on a map of the entire use experience. Once the map was complete, I set out to design the app’s layout using digital wireframes.

Digital Wireframes
Starting with simple wireframes allowed us to build a prototype to test the user flow in Invision

As soon as wireframes started to take shape, they were uploaded to Invision — a tool for creating tapable prototypes and discussing design ideas quickly. This allowed the team to immediately see the design take shape, provide feedback early on in the stages of development, and begin user testing right away. Over the next several months, we iterated on over 100 views on a near-daily basis based on extensive testing and user feedback.

With the UX taking shape, I began working on the interface’s visual aesthetic. Due to the way we structured the Invision project, we were able to carry this visual design work through using the same files for each view, while Invision maintained a visual history of each and every iteration, allowing us to easily compare how each iteration differed from its predecessor.

Using Invision allowed us to iteratively design each view in the app

When deliverables were ready, we used Invision’s asset generation feature to quickly produce the dozens of icons used throughout the app instantly. Specs of key components were drawn up to help the developers implement the designs, and I made myself available to assist with any design and development questions that they had.

As we worked, we continued to refine the team’s vision for the product, leading to the successful launch of the first version of the Agent Inbox product in July of 2015.

As a result of the customer-first approach, iterative design, and the team’s application immersion, Agent Inbox has seen widespread adoption and usage across Florida and now the country among those in the real estate community.

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