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Pat Dryburgh

Pat has worked with Grooveshark on multiple occasions. His work continues to impress, most notably his consistent drive to improve upon his current abilities and understanding. I’ve referred to Pat to a number of friends and colleagues, and I plan to continue.

— John Ashenden Grooveshark

Grooveshark and Pepsi MAX partnered up to put on a party at SXSW 2011 and wanted an interactive way for their guests to pick the playlist. Working alongside John Ashenden of Grooveshark and Daniel Aminzade of djtxt, I designed and developed the front-end for a web app that allowed party guests to tweet or text their vote for the next song in the rotation.

The application was designed to be projected on a screen at the event, which introduced unique design challenges due to the environment such as ensuring adequate contrast and ensuring legibility of the text from a distance. Being able to make design changes directly in code made iterating the design for projection a much more productive process.

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