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Pat Dryburgh

When UpThemes approached me to design a new premium WordPress theme, I wanted to find a niche that was being under serviced. Having had several charities approach me in the last year for WordPress work and knowing the financial constraints these charities were facing, I knew creating a beautiful, functional, and effective WordPress theme for charities was the right thing to do.

I was helped in the project by the wonderful people at UpThemes, especially Chris Wallace who provided design direction throughout the project. I also met with my friend and mentor Richard Dew, whose marketing experience at an international charity helped me understand the needs of charities and to utilize the lessons they had learned when researching how charity websites can be effective.

Built on that experience, as well as my own experience designing for charities and with the WordPress platform, I designed a WordPress theme that lets charities take control of their web presence and helps them effectively reach those they wish will partner with them on their journeys.

Screenshot of Premium Charity WordPress Theme for UpThemes

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