Pat Dryburgh

A weekend in Victoria

I had the chance to get away from the city this weekend to spend some time with a dear old friend. I took the ferry from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay and drove the rest of the way to Victoria on a wonderful spring night. The first night was spent eating venison chili at Fisherman’s Wharf then catching up with Corrie, whom I hadn’t seen in nearly a year.

The next day Corrie and I planned a night under the stars and drove into town to pick up supplies. We stopped at a bunch of great little stores in Victoria’s downtown, a few of which were simply for our enjoyment.


After realizing we were still too many important items away from our great camping adventure, we spent an ungodly amount of time in Value Village, followed by nowhere near enough time driving along the coast.

Chinese Cemetary

The next day we drove from Victoria to the Juan de Fuca trail. A slow start meant we didn’t get to spend as much time as we had hoped, but the time spent at Parkinson Creek was well worth it.

A photographer in her element