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Pat Dryburgh

Last night was my first practice with the FUSION music team. FUSION is our student ministry, from grades 6-12. I had actually practiced once with this team when I was going through the hiring process, but this was my first “official” practice with them.

I think my biggest struggle of the night was the sound. There isn’t a sound guy present at the practices, which I think is something I’m needing to address. I really want to build a sense of community between the musicians and our tech people, and I think that working together at practice will really help build that bridge. Also, it would allow the tech people the chance to participate in our devotionals we do as a team.

The only snag we hit last night was when we were attempting to play “One Way.” The team was doing a fairly mashed-up version of the song that reminded me of a mix between Steven Curtis Chapman and Metallica. Essentially, I knew I had to bring some unity to the song. Working out some of the parts with the musicians was something I knew I was going to need to do, but I think I can still use some work in how to approach it. I feel as though I’m too afraid to hurt someone’s feelings, when really it’s not a personal thing at all, but rather an attempt to really bring the best out of the team. I am wondering if I need to just say upfront that whatever I say regarding playing a song has nothing to do with the person, and only is being said for the betterment of the team.

(Note: I had to look and make sure “betterment” was a real world. Apparently it is!)

Anyways, I have practice with the adult church worship team tonight. I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes!

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