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Pat Dryburgh

After publishing my Q1 review of my 2016 goals, I was able to sit down with Scott Ward from HabitStack to discuss my strategy and progress to that point. After an hour of conversation, I realized that Scott was able to provide exactly what I needed in order to achieve my goals: guidance, scrutiny, and accountability.

I made the decision that day to personally hire Scott to coach me towards achieving my professional goals, with the hopes that once my Q2 goals had been realized, I could potentially convince Brewhouse to continue paying for Scott’s services. When I communicated this decision to the team, the response I received was even better than I’d hoped:

The company would hire Scott to aid the leadership team in setting goals and tracking progress across the entire business, starting with the leadership team.

Though this meant that I had to wait a couple of weeks before we could kick things off with Scott, I was excited that we would be working on this together. Though team had spent some time back in November setting individual goals and the leadership team business goals for 2016, we had not yet put a system in place for measuring our progress on a quarterly and monthly basis nor established the weekly habits needed to make the necessary progress.

Our team is still working on refining our 3–5 year “big dream”, but the fact that we’re working on it together makes me feel really good about sharing my Q1 review. I believe that through this experience, we’ll become much better at defining and measuring goals throughout our entire business, allowing us to improve the areas where we are struggling and celebrate the areas where we’re succeeding.

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