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Pat Dryburgh

I’m excited to announce the launch of some new products for A Wonderful Shop of Wonderful Wonders. The “Make Happy” collection features new shirts, shoes, buttons, stickers, and even beach towels with vibrant colours and a positive message.

New Wonderful Wonders - Make Happy - Available Now

I’m especially excited about the new cut-and-sew shirts and shoes, which feature an all-over print of the Make Happy design. The t-shirts are printed using Dye Sublimation with eco-friendly inks that are designed to last for years without fading in the wash, then individually sewn together by skilled artisans in the USA to ensure a flawless and vibrant graphic and a comfortable fit.

The shoes use a high-quality dye sublimation heat transfer print and feature a removable in-sole with cushion and comfort bubbles.

I hope you like the new designs! It would mean a lot if you would take a look and even more if you’d share this with friends :)

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