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Pat Dryburgh

Grooveshark Icon

Over the past few weeks I have become increasingly interested in user interface design, and even more specifically icon design. I have never had the opportunity to create an icon, and wanted to give it a shot.

A couple weeks ago I began using for my absolutely favourite online music service, Grooveshark. I tried searching for a good icon to use, however came up short. On Friday I opened up Photoshop, and took to the task myself.

Using the amazing Grooveshark logo developed by the incredible David Pache, I took to designing the icon. I wanted to make sure I adhered as best I could to Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines (HIG), and made sure to include appropriate lighting and shadows.

Special thanks to John Ashenden for his advice and encouragement.

To use the icon for your own Grooveshark app, download the .zip file and follow the included instructions.

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