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Pat Dryburgh

Have you ever found yourself in a time crunch while working on a web design, and wished there was some way to short cut some of the hassle? Have you found a new found love for designing blogs, but wish you could spend more time designing and less time fudging with the code?

Well, there is a solution and that solution is a WordPress Theme Framework. From

For those of you that have never heard of a framework, it’s a piece of software - or in this case, a WordPress theme - that includes many extra functions that you can use when developing a theme. Every day, designers use different pieces of software and frameworks to help with the web design process. Most use Photoshop and Fireworks, a lot use the 960 grid system. The power of a theme framework is in its ability to simply be the wind behind the sails. It doesn’t impose itself on your design, but rather gives your design power without the need to personally code that power in yourself.

Theme frameworks are the engine that drives, while your design is the curves that provide aerodynamics, the interior that provides comfort, and the dashboard that communicates information.

If you could save yourself an extra 4-6 hours every project without hindering your options in terms of the design would you not take take them? If you would, then check out a theme framework. You’ll be happy you did.

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