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Pat Dryburgh

Growing up, we all had heroes. Mine? Superman and Batman, Wayne Gretzky and Scott Stevens, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker.

One of my more recent heroes — who, unlike Superman, met me for coffee one day — is Adam Lisagor. If you don’t know who Adam is, you’re probably not as big of a tech/design/film geek as me. Which, I get. But still…

A few years ago, Adam made a video. That video led to more videos, and now Adam and his friends make their living making videos. They make videos for big companies, little companies, and every size company in between. Adam’s videos are fun, simple, and do a fantastic job telling the story of the products they’re sharing.

A few months ago, the team at Perch made a big product decision that would mean a complete redesign of our app. What we were making was completely new and completely different from what we had done before. As we began to think about how we would tell this new story, one name instantly came to mind.

I’m so proud to finally share the fruits of our — let’s be honest, Adam and his team’s — labour.

Without further adieu, Meet Perch:

This video is the product of some of the most talented individuals I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with. While I didn’t have a chance to meet everyone involved, the few I did interact with directly were incredible. Adam, Claude, and Shadie, you are all fantastic at what you do.

My thanks to everyone who was involved. You were all awesome.

Greg Kindra

Production Designer
Ali Rubinfeld

Director of Photography
Lowell A Meyer

Ben Hicks

Candida Rodriguez

Danny Cohen

Christopher Livingston

Daniel Ainsworth

Danny Cohen

Creative Director
Adam Lisagor

Head of Production
Shadie Elnashai

Claude Zeins

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