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Pat Dryburgh

Yesterday Sara and I went to visit Cindy at the hospital. I was a bit nervous before going in, as I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, when I first saw her, I felt a huge sense of relief. Her face has healed from the surgery so well, she looks as good as new. Aside from some tubes, casts, and a neck brace, she is looking really really great.

She seems to be having some short term memory loss. She’s feeling pretty lonely (as she’s normally very outgoing). It was hard to see her cry when they took the trachea tube out.

She sat in a chair for the first time since her accident, and even though she was uncomfortable, she seemed to be doing well. She is going to see a speech pathologist today to help with her talking. Once the trachea tube was out of her throat, her throat was very weak and it was hard for her to speak.

I’ve been so blessed to have a friend as amazing as Cindy, and she was so amazed at the love and support that a lot of you have been showing. She didn’t know about the 50+ people that had come the first few days, she didn’t know about the fund created in her name, she didn’t know that literally thousands of people have been praying for her. She was so appreciative of all the friends she has.

She has asked that I come back on Saturday, and hopefully I’ll have some more updates then. Thanks for all your continued prayers. We aren’t through yet.

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