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Pat Dryburgh

Thank you to everyone who attended the first ever Indonesian product design livestream hosted by Viral Foundry. It was an honour to share with you the lessons I’ve learned about improving products through user testing. I hope each of you took something away that you’ll be able to apply to your own craft.

I do apologize for my lack of visual slides. In the past, I’ve found slides to be a hindrance to my style of presentation. However, some of the feedback I received from Kenny following the presentation indicated that I wasn’t fully considerate of the language barriers between us. Seeing the beautiful slide deck put together by Dany drove home just how foolish I was to not have my own. Won’t be making that mistake again.

As promised during the presentation, I want to share with you some notes and links from my talk. If you were an attendee and see that I’ve missed something, please hit me up on Twitter and let me know.




I hope I was able to convey just how great of an impact employing user testing can have on both the usability and viability of your product. My thanks to Kenny and the whole Viral Foundry team for hosting the event.

  1. Not really a “book”, but this site is so jam-packed with useful information about running a design sprint, I had to include it. In fact, this guide helped me understand what improvements needed to be made following my first design sprint

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