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Pat Dryburgh

ir·re·sis·ti·ble adj.

  1. Impossible to resist
  2. Having an overpowering appeal

We in today’s culture have a tendency, I think, to easily be distracted. While watching advertising on television, I often find myself forgetting one commercial as soon as the next comes on. As a generation we have found an venue where collectively we have spent almost 10,000 years watching stupid videos.

As the Church, we claim to have News that is so important, men and women have given their lives for it. Yet are we, as the Church, able to shout loud enough so that the world can hear this news?

At Trinity our aim is to create an “irresistible space” where people can come and hear the Good News. My job is to provide the musical aspect of this space. Through worship choruses and secular songs, the music’s role is to provide a window for those who are not familiar with the church, so they can catch a glimpse of God. I feel blessed to have the privilege of sharing with people who God is through music.

For those who are visiting my blog, this is my space where I can chronicle the times where we have seen our vision to create that “irresistible space,” how we accomplished it, and ways we can improve even further. I will also keep account of the times we haven’t reached our goal, and try to determine why that was.

For those of you joining me on this journey, thank you so much. And for those who actually get the chance to come to Trinity Community Church, I hope you find that God truly is an irresistible God…and that He cannot resist loving you too.

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