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Pat Dryburgh

So, you may have noticed over the last couple of weeks a lull in my blog activity. Not only that, but the launch of my portfolio has been delayed. As much as I wish I could say it’s because I’ve been incredibly busy and haven’t had the time, unfortunately that’s not the reason.

Two weeks ago I was working away at a design, when I noticed the charging indicator light on my macbook power cord wasn’t on. I figured somehow the connection had been knocked out of place, so I checked the wall and found the plug still in place. I wiggled the cord around in my computer for a while to no avail.

Once my computer had run out of juice, I brought it and the power cord to an Apple Reseller, where they determined that indeed, my power cord was pooched. They said it was under warranty and should be no problem to be replaced. They put the work order in and told me things should be good to go in 3 days.

That Thursday (5 days after the first visit) I went to the store and was told that my warranty was up. Apparently I did not register my macbook when I purchased it in July 2007, and so the purchase date was still set for December 2006. Because of this, according to Apple my computer was no longer under warranty. I was told that this could be rectified if I fax my receipt from Future Shop to Apple, and have them re-set my purchase date.

So, I went to Future Shop to get a new receipt (I have now moved 4 times in the last 2 months… I’m not quite sure where my original is). They printed off what looks to be a copy of the Future Shop warranty (which does me no good), so now I have to find my receipt, or just buy the cord. But, it’s kinda expensive. So, in the next two days we’ll see…

I’m starting to realize that pen and paper don’t require power cords…

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