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Pat Dryburgh

My web development app of choice, Coda by Panic, works so well in so many ways. I am constantly learning more about how it works and find more and more helpful features as I continue to use it.

While there is so much positive to write about it, there is one detail that I can’t stand: the “Sites” section. I love the icons and the overall look of it, but to me the whole layout seems very unstructured.


(Matt Brett)

I do web development both at work and in my own personal time. The sites I work on in each situation are not the same, and yet in Coda they are all grouped together. It would be so much nicer if Panic added a way to separate sites into groups for easy scanning and organizing. Below is a quick mock-up of how it could be done.

Groups in Coda

I have a few other ideas that may work as well, such as using some sort of tagging system à la Things.

Picture 3.png

However it’s done, there needs to be a way to better organize sites in Coda. If Transmit can have organized sites, why can’t Coda?

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