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Pat Dryburgh

This Christmas season, I am taking my first holiday in two years. I’ve had a couple of days off here and there, however this will be the first time I travel in over two years. The family and I will be heading down to Florida, where hopefully we’ll get to do some touristy things and I will get to meet up with some of my Gainsvillian friends.

I am debating right now, however, what I want to take with me on my trip. Do I take my Macbook Pro? Do I just bring my iPhone? I’m hoping to purchase a Nikon D90 in the next month — do I buy it now to use on the trip or wait until I return?

Inspired by Patrick Rhone’s post back in March, my plan is to pack as minimally as possible. I’ll be gone for two weeks, as opposed to Patrick’s 3 days, however I think a lot of what he talked about is relevant. I’m hoping a single, small suitcase will cover everything, and perhaps a small side bag for a few books and my Moleskine.

I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting here or on Twitter over the trip, but I am not expecting to disconnect completely. I still have a few things to share before I leave, as well, so don’t think this is goodbye!

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