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Pat Dryburgh

My post from the other day definitely came out of left field. I had just finished reading Steven Rinella’s book, Meateater, and was all amped up to figure this hunting thing out.

What I didn’t do a very good job explaining was that this idea is still very new, and like all good ideas it has not yet been fully tested.

Do I actually want to kill an animal? I have no idea. I can probably count on one hand the number of fish I’ve killed, pets included. I once went to a firing range on my way to a Mutemath concert in Detroit, but other than that, the vast majority of my firearms experience is with BB guns and Duck Hunt.

So, I’m definitely in the romantic stage of this endeavour where it’s an exotic idea that has not yet had to face the harshness of reality.

Right now, I love climbing mountains and I am falling in love with cooking. With these things comes the question “am I being responsible with how I’m sourcing the food that I eat?” At the moment, I believe the answer is “no, not really” and that hunting may be a solution to this problem.

Or maybe sitting under fluorescent lights and eating lunch in a food court for the last two weeks is making me stir crazy and I just really want to get outside.

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