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Pat Dryburgh

  1. I’m a funny guy, and you like to laugh.
  2. I’m sensitive, and you appreciate that.
  3. I pretty much twitter all day, thanks to Twitterrific. I like that it doesn’t distract me from work. I’m generally thinking about stupid stuff while I’m working, playing, or doing nothing, so why not instantly share that with everyone?
  4. I follow (almost) everyone that follows me—just don’t be spam (no, I don’t think that twittering will make me millions of dollars).
  5. You follow (almost) everyone who follows you. But, it’s way easier for me if you push that follow button first.
  6. I don’t spam (I don’t know how anyone could make millions off twitter… including twitter).
  7. My mom reads my tweets. So, if I say something to you, you’ll know I won’t be mean because I don’t want to get in trouble from my mom.
  8. I took the time to come up with 10 reasons for you to follow me on twitter. This is #8hellip; and I’m running out of ideas.
  9. Because if you follow me, I can tweet you asking for ideas for things like blog posts and top 10 lists.
  10. Because maybe I was lying in #4 and do know how to make millions off twitter…

So, how about it?

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