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Pat Dryburgh

Last Friday morning I woke up with a horrible feeling in my throat. I tried to clear it but could not. My nose was stuffy as well. I first thought it was just allergies to dust, until I started going through my day and realized that it was not going away. My whole body ached. This is not good when you’re two days away from launching a church.

On Saturday I felt even worse. I had some errands to run so I took care of those, and then my brother, his girlfriend and Sara came up for the weekend. We went out for dinner with my parents that night (see below for side story). By the end of the night I pretty much had no voice. Sara and I went and got some meds to hopefully fix the problem.

Sunday morning I woke up and tried to just let my voice rest. I tried to start my car when I was ready to go, only it wouldn’t catch. So I took all my equipment and put it in my mom’s SUV (drenching my shoes and socks in the snow) and headed south. I got to the theater and didn’t do much labour other than setting up my stuff and just trying to feel better.

That morning my voice was pretty much shot. I thought it sounded horrible, though some people said it wasn’t bad. I left that afternoon and had to call our student ministries director to lead worship that night as I just couldn’t do it.

Monday I hoped I would feel better. I didn’t. Then Tuesday. Then Wednesday. Today, I still don’t feel 100%. We’re having rehearsal tonight, and my voice is still hoarse and I still have a cold. This is not fun. I really hope I’m better for Sunday.

Any tips how to get better?

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