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Pat Dryburgh

Last night was a great practice. We were a little pressed for time, but overall we managed to create some very interesting arrangements of some of the songs, as well as learning a new song by Matt Redman called “Shine.”

I’ve been having some very interesting discussions with some people in leadership, as well as those who are on the music team. I could go on at length about them all, but I want to share one in particular that my lead pastor and I have just recently begun regarding the idea of having a “green room.” It stems from an article about the lead worshiper/pastor relationship, and the dynamics and importance of having a solid relationship in order to serve together on a Sunday morning.

It interest me because I’m not sure where I stand regarding “the green room.” We both agree that for the congregation, it is important for the pastor to be present for the worship aspect of the service. However, my lead pastor brought up a point that made me think: that in an ideal world the worship team would stay for the speaking. My first instinct is to agree, and to say “Of course! The worship team wants to soak up as much of the Word as possible, and we just want to hear the speaker speak God’s truth!” However another part of me is thinking “But wait…Do we really want to sit in for three 40 minute sermons rather than just the ‘required’ one?” But then I question my motives behind that statement…and then I ask “well, what do I honestly think?”

And so, I’m torn. What is the answer to the green room dilemma? Is there an easy answer? Is there an answer?

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