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Pat Dryburgh

Last month I started attending Connections Community Church in London, Ontario. Starting in September, I made a decision to simply go and absorb for 3 full months. I missed one week where things were going rough in life, but otherwise I’ve been able to keep up with my decision, and even had my girlfriend attend with me the past two weeks.

I am the type of person who likes to dive right in. I love to get involved, to see whatever organization I am involved with flourish, grow, and thrive. I want the chance to innovate, to lead a group or groups of people to think strategically and creatively about how we do church, both on Sunday mornings and through the week.

As I’ve had the chance to see how things are going at Connections, I have seen several places where the talents and gifts that I have would truly fit well with their mission. I would love to get involved with their service programming, helping to develop services that drive their bottom line. I would love to get involved in the music, which so far has been fairly consistent and has been quite well done. I would love to push boundaries and innovate, to create space where people can ask tough questions and get real, authentic responses, to give them a chance to encounter God in a real way.

Alas, it has only been a month. My commitment to myself and to God was to simply absorb for 3 full months, which will take me to December 3. On December 4, watch out.

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