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Pat Dryburgh

One of the toughest challenges we faced in the music ministry going portable was where we would rehearse. Obviously without a building, we’d have to rely on outside groups to lend or rent us space. Throughout this week I’ve called over 20 churches. All of the ones that responded had the same answer: there is so much going on through the week, they had no more rooms available.

So, after a little more searching I contacted the principal of a local school in Oro; the same school that Trinity met at until they moved into the new building. The principal is a musician on our worship team (bass and keys) and was so, so helpful. After two days of discussions, it looks like we will be able to use the facilities for the cost of the permit. Because of our non-profit status, and because the purpose of the rentals will be to help develop youth and adults in the community, we will be able to use the buildings free of charge. We are so, so blessed first to have incredible people in leadership throughout our community, and second to have that leadership pull to help their local church when it is in need.

Starting as soon as we can get the permit approved (probably a few days) we will have access to a great, central rehearsal space.

What is your most pressing need in your ministry? And how are you using the leaders in your community to help remedy the situation?

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