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Pat Dryburgh

Several times in my life I have struggled with sleeping. It isn’t a case of insomnia; I’m not entirely sure what the cause is.

The problem has surfaced at different stages of my life. The first time was in college, when I would stay up incredibly late, get a couple hours of sleep before class, and then basically be non-functioning the rest of the day. A few times my friends had to come into my room to wake me from my sleep. I was socially reclusive during this time, having little energy to spend time with my friends.

The issue arose again while working at Trinity Community Church. There were some nights when I didn’t go to sleep for fear of not waking up (weird, I know). It affected my performance at work, and with the help of my leadership and friends, was able to bring everything back under control. I began making sure I built margin into my life (taking Tuesday Sabbaths), and just working discipline into my life. 

It became a problem again when I first came home from Barrie. After a month or so I had everything under control, and for the past several months things have been relatively good. However, the last two weeks have been really tough. The last couple of nights I’ve gotten maybe 5 hours of sleep, which is just not enough. 

So, this is my big ask for today. Would you mind praying for me tonight? Just before you go to bed, if you could offer up a quick prayer that I would be able to get to sleep; that through discipline and peace of mind I’d be able to get the amount of sleep I need. I’d very much appreciate it.

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