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Pat Dryburgh

Well, somehow, someway, we’ve done it. We have somehow miraculously launched two campuses in a span of one week. We had an amazing response from our volunteers, and ended up with over 700 people total in both campuses, which was very encouraging. We have found some glitches in the system that we are going to be working on this week, but overall the response has been fantastic, and we are so excited about our Barrie official launch this Sunday.

On Saturday morning we arrived once again at 6am to load the trucks in. Setup went much quicker this weekend, as most of the Orillia team had participated in the training in Barrie the week before. As far as the main theater setup, we were much further ahead by the end of Saturday than we were the previous week. By 11am we had set everything up, EQ’ed the room, and had several of our musicians come in and check out how things looked. We were torn down and back in the trailers by noon. The next day I arrived at 6:30am after waking up at 5:30am, getting cleaned up and then re-installing ProPresenter on the MacBook Pro for Orillia. When I arrived all the trailers were emptied and things were rolling very smoothly. We even started the service this week almost on time (8:33am compared to last week at 9:00am).

Overall I think the weekend was a huge win for our staff, our volunteers, and for PCI who came up to give us a hand once again. We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but we are on good footing as we move into our first grand opening.

And you never know, you might just have an opportunity to see what we’ve been up to a in a few months…

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