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Pat Dryburgh

I won’t make a comment about how I am so late getting into this whole “blog” thing.

Hello there,

This week is my first week at my new church, where I have been hired as the Associate Director of Music. This is not a position I was looking for. In fact, I wasn’t looking for anything. I was working at a call center. But, one day while on break from work someone from Trinity Community Church called and asked if I would be interested in going through the interview process for the position. After hearing the job description, I agreed, and a month or so later, here I am. It was not the easiest process, but I could tell the leaders in the church wanted to make sure they made the right choice. It actually was encouraging to me to think that God had gone ahead of me in so many ways to prepare this for me (and by me, really it was for Him. I’m just glad to be part of it).

And so, I know it’s been done, but I wanted to start a blog that would sort of chronicle my adventures here. I will hopefully be able to pass on some of the wisdom I will (hopefully) gain, as well as any of the leadership skills I pick up along the way. I hope you enjoy your stay, and thanks for coming by!

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