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Pat Dryburgh

I started on the paleo diet last Thursday. It lasted all of 9 hours or so before a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios jumped into my mouth. The following three days were a blur of drinking and eating gluten dipped in spinach dip.

I got back on the paleo wagon on Monday. I felt great and was really happy with the decision. Yesterday was good as well. I picked up some nuts and apples and ate a lot of chicken (pre and post hatch).

Today I feel terrible. My stomach has been aching all day long. I thought I would chalk it up to my body adjusting to a lack of wheat and gluten and all that crap, but surely that wouldn’t happen so quickly. I bought some almond milk and made a fruit smoothy with it, which helped for a little while. I then had a bowl of watermelon around 9 or so. Still feeling like crap now.

I really want to stick to this thing. I’m pretty concerned about my overall health and want to make this change for the sake of my future. I have a doctor’s appointment lined up for Tuesday—my first in several years—to see about having my thyroid checked. Thyroid issues run in my family, so it would be good go know if there’s something I need to address.

Sorry for getting all personal there, Internet.

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