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Pat Dryburgh

So, it seems that the new direction my blog has been taking has caused me to lose a few readers along the way. Since I’ve started blogging about some of the questions I have about church and religion and God, my readership has gone down 27%. However, the average amount of time spent on the site has increased quite significantly (an increase of approximately 250%).

I just want to say that I am on a journey. I’m trying to work through in my head and my heart a lot of issues I’ve been trying to struggle through for several months now, and am inviting you to join in. If I learned nothing else during my time at Connexus, it’s that this life journey is best walked side by side with friends, and this is why I’ve made the decision to publicly blog about my ideas and questions. I do not expect everyone to agree, but hopefully we can have some meaningful discussion. I’ve already seen some amazing comments and emails come in from these recent posts, and look forward to seeing more discussion happen in the future.

So, for those who are sticking around, thanks so much for being a part of this journey with me. I don’t know where the road leads (if it even is a road we’re walking). But for me, personally, the destination matters much less than the company.

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