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Pat Dryburgh

I’ve known Allen Pike, co-founder of Vancouver’s Steamclock Software, for several years now and have had the privilege of working side-by-side with him on a number of projects, including an iOS app for Canadian outdoor clothing and sporting goods brand, Arc’teryx.

When it comes to product design and development, interacting with and managing clients, growing and nurturing a team, and giving back to the community, I hold Allen in the highest regard.

Allen and his team just announced they are looking to hire a lead mobile designer and I thought I’d give you a few damn good reasons why you should strongly consider applying:

  1. They’re really nice.
  2. They have a solid reputation built on quality and integrity.
  3. The work they do is interesting, challenging, and (almost) always fun!
  4. They host cool events like their annual Open House (happening tonight!)
  5. Allen is an excellent writer, which is a very good indicator of how clearly a leader thinks and communicates.
  6. They’re really, really nice.
  7. Their super cool looking office is in the heart of Gastown which is the best neighbourhood in Vancouver.
  8. Allen is likely to blush as soon as he reads this post, proving that he hasn’t let his success get to his head.
  9. Other amazing designers have and continue to work with Steamclock.
  10. If you don’t, I will.
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