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Pat Dryburgh

A few months ago, my friend Kenny and I started chatting about how we can take the lessons we’ve learned building products over the years and share them with people in developing countries. Kenny had recently made the move to Indonesia where his company, Viral Foundry, has built a small team of designers and developers to work with startup founders, existing businesses, private equity funds, VCs and local government agencies to build new companies. I — of course — have been working with the team at Ensibuuko building a platform for micro-financing institutions in sub-Saharan Africa.

One of Kenny’s ideas was to host a livestream event for people interested in learning how to design products. After emailing ideas back and forth for a few weeks, we finally settled on the topic of how user testing can improve a product. It’s a process I’ve found to be absolutely critical to the product design and development cycle and I’ve been eager to share what I’ve been learning about it with designers who may yet to include it in their own toolkits.

On Wednesday, May 24 at 4pm EAT (UTC +3)/8pm WIB (UTC +7) I will be giving a presentation on how user testing can help you design better products. I’ll go over various options for performing user tests, how user tests can help you pitch your work to stakeholders, and how user tests can help your team move from shipping anything to shipping the right things.

I’ll be joined by Indonesian UX designer and illustrator Dany Rizky who will share how to bring your product to life through the use of illustration.

Product Design Indonesia
The photo of me in this promotional piece does not accurately reflect my current beard length

The livestream will be free for anyone to join and will (hopefully) include a Q&A session. Check out the Facebook event page for further details and to find the link to the livestream on the day of the event.

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