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Pat Dryburgh

Probably close to five years ago, a friend bought me a copy of “On The Road” by Jack Kerouac. We had been talking about the idea of just packing a carry-on sized bag and seeing the world, and this book was our way of promising we’d embark on that journey.

Five years later and that promise has yet to be fulfilled. That’s not to say my life has been void of adventure; from day-long drives to play concerts to a dozen people in a church in Ohio to spending nights gazing at the stars in panoramic vision in a field in Apsley, Ontario, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to discover the world around me.

Of all the things I’ve experienced in my first 26 years of life, my most cherished memories are the people I’ve met along the way. I’ve had the incredible opportunity to meet amazing people, people of passion, people who are challenging the world around them, people who simply give themselves to others every day. I sometimes struggle to express to these people just how profound an impact they have had on me. Perhaps not fully an introvert, but certainly not an extrovert, I am seemingly unable to get past my inhibition to simply tell someone “who you are and what you do means a lot to me.”

These people are the yellow roman candles in this world, the ones who burn, burn, burn and bring light to a dark world. While I may be temporarily unable to travel the world, I can certainly bask in the light of these people who I find in my own community. And maybe, just maybe, a little spark will find its way to my soul and re-ignite the fire in me.

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