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Pat Dryburgh

today i wrote in cursive handwriting for the first time in probably 10 years. i think i will start practicing it again, as it is quite…rough.

today i worked from 5am-2pm. the first 3.5 hours had one phone call. i more or less slept most of the time. not real sleep, but turned off my mind.

today i got home and watched seinfeld.

today i went to the grocery store and earned 12 air miles.

today i went for a walk. 45 minutes or so. from my apartment to the guy lombardo bridge. it was enjoyable. i prayed for most of it, which was good. i also sang out loud to “the rocket summer.”

“and i, i am not into the idea of being without you.”

i think i need to take a bath soon and warm up.

maybe a cup of hot chocolate or tea.


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