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Pat Dryburgh

I cannot think of a more disgusting, degrading, and horribly disrespectful question one can ask of a band. I was just reading a bit through a discussion online about whether or not Switchfoot is a Christian band. Basically, those who thought they weren’t used the arguments “Their songs aren’t very Christian,” “They don’t say ‘Jesus’ or ‘God’ in any of their songs,” “They just sold out because their going mainstream…”

I think one of the things that pisses me off the most about Cristianity is our constant need to “own” things. Look at those who argued that Creed was a Christian band. Or those who have stopped listening to bands like POD or Skillet because their songs aren’t all “happy, happy Jesus” anymore. It really bothers me that we have this mentality that music is always supposed to be about ministry, not entertainment at all. Do Christian doctors give sermons during check-ups? Do Christian accountants make sure that their clients tithe? Do Christian mechanics make sure that their customers “souls” get a tune-up too? Why is it that we can’t accept the music business for what it is…business. I have a hard time writing worship songs for my band anymore because it’s gonna label us as a “worship” band. Aren’t we all supposed to be worshipers? Why is it that I need to sing “I love you God” in order for my music to be worshipful? Do I even really want churches to play my songs? It’s not their expression of love and reverence to God, it’s mine, and their just copying my emotions I feel towards Him.

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