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Pat Dryburgh

An interesting meme has been developing over on Dribbble, a community of designers who share the things they are working on at the moment. Started by Geof Crowl, designers have been creating postcards for the states and cities in which they live. Some places are well represented, while others may only have one or two graphics representing their location.

Given that I live in a small municipality of just over 13,000, I guessed that few fellow Dribbblers would share my locale.1

So, I took the opportunity to represent my small region:

Postttcard from Dorchester, Ontario

Other designers I admire have been creating beautiful postcards for their locales. Below are some of my favourites:

Postttcard from Salem, Massachusetts

Of course, the Godfather of Dribbble Mr. Cederholm, has created one of the nicest postcards for the city of Salem, Massachusetts. Perhaps a few years older than Thames Centre; where they have witches, we’ve got soccer moms.

Postttcard from Dallas, Texas

Few people have the creative talent that Kyle Steed has. This beautiful postcard for his home in Dallas is part hand drawn and part Poloroid photograph; truly a perfect combination.

Postttcard from Norway

I do not know much about Norway, but from this by postcard by Troy Bergland, it’s easy to tell that at least part of it is breathtaking.

Postttcard from Arizona

One of my dreams has been to own a Volkswagen camper, and one of the places I would love to venture to in it is Arizona. The muted colours in this postcard by Matthew Spiel are just perfect.

Postttcard from France

I have no real draw to go to France, but the mix of photography and type in this shot by Stéphane Reverdy are beautiful.

Postttcard from Illinois

Several times in the recent past I have tried to set type within a scene, only to have it not quite fit within the overall landscape. In this postcard, however, Jess Brown has nailed the perspective and concept.

Postttcard from Austin, Texas

One of my favourite design agencies, Paravel, calls Austin, Texas home. One of Paravel’s partners, Trent Walton, designed this antique-looking card featuring a photo of his hometown, and of course that classic Texas star.

I love when designers take the time to flex their creative muscles outside of the bounds of their daily work. Good design should result in action; I think I may have some travelling to do this coming year.

  1. I was wrong. Mathew Hoy also lives in the Thames Centre region. 
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