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Pat Dryburgh

Here’s the decision many of us have been waiting for. It’s official tonight: Connexus will be launching in December 2007 at the Galaxy Cinemas in Barrie and Orillia

Well, it looks like we’re movin’ out. The presbytery of Barrie decided last night to not dissolve Trinity in an attempt to continue a presbyterian congregation in Oro, Ontario, which means those of us leaving to start Connexus no longer have the opportunity to purchase the facility. However, those of us in leadership are very excited about our future. We will be launching two sites simultaneously in December, one in Barrie, Ontario, and one in Orillia. While this creates a lot of work for us, it also opens us up to what I think will be incredible growth.

For the next two weeks I will be working both at continuing my role to create incredible environments here at Trinity, as well as strategic planning for our launch in December.

It’s a huge risk. We all knew that going in. I really feel like we’re doing exactly what Jesus has called us to do, to “sell everything” and follow him.

What are you risking to follow Jesus these days?

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