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Pat Dryburgh

I wrote in a post a long time ago that God was in the business of provision. I said that I wanted to give more, and that it was not because God will then in turn provide for me, but that he has already provided. I can’t say I’ve been keeping up with what I had hoped to do, though I do still plan to give as soon as I can find a church home that I can give to.

However, today I just received a phone call that, if I ever had any doubt before, shows me once again that God truly is Jehovah-Jireh. I posted more recently that I wished I could have $200 so I could apply for residence. I honestly did not know where that money was coming from, as I’m already stretched to the limits with my current budget. I also owed a couple of friends some money from several months ago when I was just getting my life back together, and I know I have to pay that back first.

In the phone call, I was told that my old car insurance company had some money for me, which I knew was the case as I had paid one final payment when I had canceled the policy. I knew I had $300 coming to me, most of which was going to be going towards paying my friends back. However, I just found out tonight that in fact I am owed almost $700, and that they have my check at their office! I look at the principle I talked about before, about how God had already provided for me, and I am blown away!

Anyways, so if Marjory is reading this expect a check for $200 coming your way this week, and hopefully things will continue to work out with everything else!

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