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Pat Dryburgh

I currently have the thickest beard I’ve ever had, which, while for the general population may not seem so thick, is keeping me cozier and warmer than any beard before.

Also, I have a sick neck beard.

I have not had Starbucks in a few weeks now, and it’s starting to affect my mental performance. I’m positive that brain connections are powered by the sweet, sweet caffeine provided in a Grande Non-Fat Extra Hot No Water Tazo Chai (written out for anyone who would like to pick one up for me).

I had lunch today with my friend James. We realized today we had not seen each other since around early August, and we clearly had not done a very good job keeping up with each other’s lives. He was unaware that I am once again single, and I was unaware he had grown an eighth of an inch of hair. He’s already wearing a toque.

Last night, I completed the greatest accomplishment of my life. I thought I would have had it finished last week, but due to unforeseen circumstances it had to be put off a few days. I will be writing a separate post tonight or tomorrow when I get a chance. I’ve decided: no more promises on this blog. I just break them all the time.

This site looks like crap right now. Maybe you hadn’t noticed, because you were wise and subscribed through the RSS Feed. If you haven’t, and are reading this on this crappy website, I am sorry.

Went to an incredible show last night, where I was introduced to one of my new favourite artists, Robyn Dell’Unto. Her voice is angelic, her humour is brazen, and her songs are delectable. I’ll hopefully have more to write about her and the other artists from last night soon.

This blog is getting kind of personal, which I’ve struggled with internally for a while now. If you don’t like it, I’m sorry but I don’t see it getting any better in the near future. My parents like keeping up with my life, and while I still live at home, sometimes it’s just easier to write things down.

More to come.

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