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Pat Dryburgh

so this is christmas i don’t get very excited about christmas anymore. somewhere between february 25, 1985 and today, it lost its magic. the mystery and wonder that came with running downstairs to open the presents is replaced with the annoyance of having to wake up early on a day off. the thrill of going to see relatives was replaced by the desire to simply sleep all day long. is this what christmas is?
i’ve never been very sentimental, but it seems that this christmas was a lot harder to “get into” than others past. my mom joked that my apartment didn’t have any christmas decorations up. my response was why bother? it’s not like anyone is coming over to see them. i was also thinking about the wedding on saturday. don’t get me wrong, it was amazing. but one thing i wished had happened didn’t, and it really hurt (even if it shouldn’t have). anyways, i won’t go into detail because that would be awkward.

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