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Pat Dryburgh

It’s been quiet around here lately. A few things have been happened over the last week:

  • Found myself a job! I’m working at Images in London. I’m working on web and print design. So far it’s only been one day, which included 90 minutes of shoveling snow. Fun.
  • Tried to finish the portfolio. I ran into some major issues (thanks Internet Explorer). Hopefully will have those worked out soon. I’m learning a lot from this design, so hopefully the next redesign will go a bit quicker.
  • Finally unpacked. I’m kinda sick and tired of packing and unpacking, and hope that this will be the last time for a while. I don’t mind packing for traveling, but when you’ve got 3 guitars+equipment, furniture, clothes, a bookshelf of books, etc - not as fun.
  • Started a new design for this blog. Don’t expect to see it too soon, but I’m already a little bored of this one. When I get closer to finishing the redesign, I’ll be sure to include a post as to what works and what doesn’t in this design.
  • I am getting more and more eager to play music. Talked to some people about that. Things could happen in the next couple months. Keep your eyes pealed.
  • I checked out North Park Community Church in London. The service wasn’t as “pro” as I had expected. They also had some guy come from New York who I described as “the Christianer/fatter version of Enrique Iglesias.” I didn’t say that to his face.
  • I moved my gym membership to a London club. Hopefully get back into that again soon.
  • Bought a new pair of pants. When I started this whole “getting fit” thing in December, I was 265-270 lbs with size 40 pants. Today, I am about 230-235 lbs with size 34 pants. Take that, Jenny Craig.

I will try harder next week to be here. In the meantime, go to my twitter. It’s hot.

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