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Pat Dryburgh

  1. There are few people as contagiously passionate as Boris.
  2. I fear I really let Roland down when Apple Shortcuts failed to properly encode the podcast we recorded together. Will get to that bug report some day, Roland!
  3. After fighting with it for what felt like an eternity trying to get my Instagram photos to display on my blog, think I understand why Brooklyn isn’t a huge fan Liquid.
  4. Really looking forward to seeing what Greg does with his new Jekyll blog running the Hitchens theme!
  5. Blogging is, was, and always will be fun.
  6. It really shouldn’t be so difficult to own your own content.
  7. It would be really, really sweet if we can find a way to make owning your own content super simple and then take what we learn and apply it to the problem of distributing capital to those who need it most.
  8. We should consider changing the name from the “Vancouver Indieweb Meetup” to the “Vancouver Homebrew Website Club” to assimilate ourselves with the broader community and to make it easier for those in the IndieWeb community who are visiting Vancouver to find us. According to Eddie Hinkle, IndieWeb organizers are strongly considering rebranding Homebrew Website Club to IndieWeb Meetups, which means we’re on the forefront of the future!
  9. We should also consider committing to meeting every other Wednesday night as prescribed in the IndieWeb wiki to encourage consistency within our community. Also because I thought it was just so friggin’ awesome.

Thanks to Boris for organizing and to Milano Gastown for hosting us! Keep an eye open for when the next meetup is announced.

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