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Pat Dryburgh

It hurt, that day the news came. I knew it was coming, given previous conversations we’d had. But, I still felt a pit in my stomach when I read the words.

“As of tomorrow, Fusion will be run by BuySellAds.”

My friends Michael and Chris started Fusion Ads as a way for lesser-known bloggers like myself to make just a little extra cash for the work we were doing on our respective sites. Before I was even invited to the network, Chris offered me the position of “resident designer,” which allowed me to produce nearly a hundred ads for awesome companies—some of whom hired me again for even bigger projects.

When I was finally invited to the network, I was honoured. Many others in the network were personal heroes. I read nearly every blog on the roster, and sites I had not yet read were quickly added to the rotation.

Over the past two years I have developed real, lasting relationships with some of the other guys on Fusion. While a few of the bigger guys still likely have no idea who I am, I really value the relationships I have found.

And so, it hurts to say that, effective today, I am leaving the Fusion Ad network. It hurts because, from the beginning through to the sale, I truly believed in the mission of the network: pairing great content with awesome products in a way that respected the readers’ time and attention. Unfortunately, I don’t see that same mission carrying beyond the sale.

I hold nothing against the guys running Fusion now. They’re in a tough business, and need to produce page views and sell those page views and then produce and sell some more. So, I get why they need to take money from companies or sign on publishers I don’t think represent the initial vision.

I just don’t like it.

So, to my friends still on the network, I wish you all the best. To those on the network I’ve yet to meet, I hope my leaving doesn’t mean we can’t one day be friends. And to everyone who worked on Fusion—Michael, Chris B, Shawn, Chris T, Cameron, Todd, and Matthew—thank you. It’s been a hell of a ride.

And now, how to pay for this damn hosting.

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