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Pat Dryburgh

There were things I learned. There were things I loved. There were things I hated. There were things that challenged me. There were things that brought me to my knees. There were things that lifted me to the heavens. There were tears of joy. There were tears of pain. There were happy little accidents that led to life-changing decisions. There were new friendships made and old friendships strengthened. There was a move across the country. There was a lease to sign. There were movies made. There were songs written. There were designs thrown away. There were things that, in the end, worked out just fine.

There were “Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred” more minutes. There were some I used wisely, others I used foolishly, but the ones I remember most were the ones full of friends, love, and laughter.

Thank you to everyone who made my twenty-eighth year one of my best.

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