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Pat Dryburgh

Hey everyone,

First, a great big thank you to everyone for praying. Both those on facebook, and also those who were at the hospital. There were about 35 people at the hospital, and it was so awesome to see the church rally around and really lift up a good friend.

Over the night the doctors performed surgery on Cindy’s arm. There were bones that had broken out, and they needed to make sure her arm didn’t get infected. The doctor said when he saw the damage that it was the worst he had seen. Some parts were just dust, with nothing to work with. After a lengthy operation, some metal plates were put in, and the doctor came out of the surgery genuinely optimistic. He said that it will be a lengthy recoup, and if things start to stiffen up then they will have to replace her elbow.

They are now focused on the bleeding in the head, the neck, and the shoulders.

Cindy’s kids stayed with close friends at a hotel. We are definitely continuing to pray for strength and grace for them.

Anyways, thanks everyone on behalf of the Morris family and the Connexus family for your prayers and love.

Take care everyone, Pat

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