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Pat Dryburgh

My friend James Shelley and I have known each other for nearly 10 years now. I first met James when he was a youth pastor at a local church I occasionally attended, but our friendship grew playing squash at ungodly hours in the morning. James is one of the brightest, most thoughtful people I know. While practically every word he says carries more weight than anything I could muster up in a week, it’s his willingness to listen to the ideas of others that truly inspires me.

I’ve linked to the Caesura Letters—James’s daily devotional for people who don’t read devotionals—before, but today I’m writing about the project because of some very exciting news. As of today, you can now receive the daily issue in your RSS reader instead of just your email inbox.

A few months ago, I had set up a rule in Gmail to forward all of my Caesura Letters to Instapaper, which I found to be a much better reading environment for the content than an inbox. However, lately I haven’t been keeping up with it because I wasn’t receiving the daily reminders in my email.

I check my RSS feeds multiple times a day, and while I don’t read everything at once, I do tend to go back and read articles I’ve saved at a later date. Having the Caesura Letters in my RSS reader will definitely make reading them on a daily basis much easier.

Of course, that may not be the best system for you. If you’d prefer to read the Caesura Letters in another format, there are plenty of choices:

  1. Obviously, the RSS Feed
  2. The tried-and-true daily email
  3. A new weekly digest email
  4. A quarterly e-book, and for those who still love that old musty smell,
  5. A quarterly paperback book

My congrats to James and the team behind Caesura Letters for a great update to an awesome project. If you haven’t picked up on it already, I really think you should be reading it.

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