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Pat Dryburgh

For the time being, the staff of Connexus Community Church are portable. We have some offices set up in Oro, however they are more of a temporary fix than a permanent solution. The majority of those on staff at Connexus are working portably. Many have homes with wifi internet access. My home, however, doesn’t even have cable. So, my office has become my car and the multiple coffee-shops and restaurants in the Barrie and Orillia area. As I was thinking about posting a new blog, I thought about how I could really get across what being portable was like. And, since lists are so hot in blogs these days, I figured I’d make my own!

Downsides of being portable:

  • I don’t have a kickin’ office to hang my posters (particularly of the “Avril Lavigne” variety).
  • I can’t come and bother Cindy, our Assistant to the Lead Pastor/Guru of all things Office. Mind you, I do get to train her on the mailing list system tomorrow.
  • I don’t have events like funerals or weddings to break through the norm and dress myself the way I wish we dressed everyday.
  • Now I have to pay for coffee (or other caffeinated delights).

Upsides of being portable:

  • I can work at Starbucks and not leave smelling like stinky milk.
  • Large Non-fat Chai Latte: $4.25. Stolen wifi signal: Priceless.
  • No one will set the alarm on me, only to have it go off at midnight when I try to leave the building.

So as you can see, there are pros and cons to being portable. But, overall, it really helps us to identify with Jesus, who had “no place to lay his head” (Matthew 8:20).(on a side note, thanks for checking out my friend Nate’s blog. Apparently 21 of you enjoy his blog through mine!)

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