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Pat Dryburgh

My friend and colleague, Richard Dew, started an organization last year called Ryl, whose purpose is to help the people of Haiti with community development. I’ve been helping with some of the design work for him, and while the site isn’t complete yet, there is a bit of information on what they do on the About and Who We Are pages.

Thimothee Guerrier, Richard’s main partner in the project, lives with his family in Port-au-Prince. Up to this point, Richard has not been able to connect with Thimothee or any of the other partners in Haiti.

The people Richard works with live in buildings that are not designed to withstand the impact of an earthquake, let alone one that has reached the magnitude of yesterday’s. While we remain hopeful, I thought it would be appropriate to ask on behalf of Richard and his friends for your thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement. They could really use it in this great time of need.

Thanks everyone.

Richard can be reached through Twitter at @whatsadickdew.

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